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Advantages of Ground Penetrating Radar over Radiography

  1. California ground penetrating radarOne of the many advantages of using ground penetrating radar over radiography in California is the lower cost.
  2. When using GPR during concrete scanning, only one side of the concrete surface needs to be scanned in order to view from one side to the other.
  3. The Ground Penetrating Radar System in California is so easy to use; set up time is almost immediate.
  4. When using GPRS there is no risk of radiation. There is no need to clear the area being scanned.
  5. Any size area in needing scanned can be done without having to reset-up the GPR equipment.
  6. GPRS has the ability to scan hard to reach areas when you are trying to locate utilities in California.
  7. Thousands of square feet can be scanned each day.
  8. Ground Penetrating Radar data is gathered quickly and the results are produced immediately.
  9. Ground Penetrating Radar scans can reach a depth up to 10 feet deep


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